Creating a Simple Website on our Servers

Creating a basic website on our servers is pretty simple.

If on Windows, download WinSCP. This is used for copying files to and from our server.

Open WinSCP and fill out the details and settings like the screenshot.

winscp loginPress Login (you can save the details for next time if you want)

This will bring you to the following screen:winscp_commanderYour own local files are on the left side and the files on the right are on the netsoc server.

Every account has a “public_html” folder in their home folder (e.g. “/home/<username>”). Any files in this folder are publicly accessible from http://<username> By default there is a nearly empty file called index.html there. You can double click this to open WinSCP’s editor, and edit the html markup yourself. When you press save, it will automatically save your changes to the remote file.

You can now view you changes on http://<username>




3 thoughts on “Creating a Simple Website on our Servers

  1. sam flahive

    Is this just for creating a front end site?
    Will netsoc members have access to the backend or a database?

  2. Dáire

    Where do we get our login details?

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